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Fantastic weather in March!Fantastic weather in March!
Added: 23 Feb 2018
The weather in Argyllshire at the moment is stunning and set for the forseeable future! We have cottages available for immediate use. A warm crackling fire and welcome awaits!
Gathering the lambs for the sales.Gathering the lambs for the sales.
Added: 05 Sep 2017
We are half way though gathering the hills for the lamb sales. We have 3000 breeding black face ewes so alot of tired sheep dogs this week!

We are bringing down the Carron flock next week which is a 6 mile trip down the old drovers road to Finchairn Farm. Alot of guests have joined the team to help bring them down. Many thanks to those who have been involved in the past!

We are just hoping for better prices this week as last week we averaged £26 a lamb...when you think what you pay in the supermarket!?
A happy ending - Ford, Lochgilphead.A happy ending - Ford, Lochgilphead.
Added: 07 Mar 2017
Nettle has now settled back into the Argyllshire wildness. We saw him last week while out walking with holiday cottage guests staying in Finchairn Farmhouse beside Loch Awe, he looked like he had wintered well. He has settled up in the woods behind Finchairn Cottage near to the Forestry Commission. This was taken last summer having his very last digestive buiscuit before leaving him in his new enviroment.
A whopper brownie caught in the hill lochs!A whopper brownie caught in the hill lochs!
Added: 05 Jul 2016
A guest staying in The School House came for a weeks fishing in our 22 hill lochs. We keep the fishing only for guests staying in the cottages or in Ederline House. They caught over 50 between three of them on wednesday. The picture is one of the biggest they caught in the week. A stunning part of the estate to get away from all EU chaos!.
Red squirrel on the farm yard fence!Red squirrel on the farm yard fence!
Added: 22 May 2016
We have had alot of busy squirrels enjoying the sunny afternoons. Sadly only had my mobile not my SLR camera!
The Old School House- New for 2016The Old School House- New for 2016
Added: 18 Jan 2016
We are delighted to a new property- The School House. This is at the edge of Ford village and sleeps 4 in two elegantly decorated twin/superking rooms. One bathroom with large walk in shower and bath. Large kitchen with everything you would need and a large sitting room with log burner. A perfect cosy holiday home! More pictures to follow.
Nettle the Roe Deer Buck.Nettle the Roe Deer Buck.
Added: 05 Nov 2015
In June this year we had to make a difficult decision to take on a young deer. While out on my usual walks around the estate taking pictures of the Ospreys I was followed by a new born roe deer kid. I managed to increase my speed and loose it but still in site to see it settle down by a tree stump. It is so important not to touch them if you are ever in the same situation as once the human scent can be picked up on the youngster the mother will not return! The last time we had to take on a Roe was about 30 years ago so it is very rare that they need help! When returning to the tree stump the next morning he was still there lying flat, empty and listless. I can only imagine it may have been a weak twin or one of a set of triplets abandoned as it was very small. Now five months on it is nearly fully grown and is running wild again round the estate. If he spots us from the woods going on a walk he loves to come as well and has been enjoyed at close hand by many guests staying on the estate. I hope now over the winter he will travel further a field and will be consumed into his natural world!
Ben CruchanBen Cruchan
Added: 22 Sep 2015
We climbed Ben Cruchan on Friday September18th. About an hours drive to the foot from the cottages.Well worth the climb with amazing views from the top of Ben Cruchan. We left from the railway station and went up through the woods and upto the left hand side of the dam. We left the resevoir on our right then up and up!! It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to the top. Then we went round the horseshoe and back down the other side of the resevoir, then back down to the railway station where we left the car. The return journy taking in another Munro took about four hours. It is now Tuesday and I have only just started to unstiffen but it was worth every ache!!
On the move!On the move!
Added: 04 Sep 2015
All the sheep are being brought down off the hills to get the lambs to market. This is done with sheep dogs and quads and alot of shouting!! The last sale is on the 12th September.
Lambing in full swingLambing in full swing
Added: 10 May 2015
We are about 3/4 of the way through lambing with not too many problems!
Website: http://www.ederline.com
Finchairn CottageFinchairn Cottage
Added: 22 Sep 2014
Finchairn Cottage is closed for three weeks while we put in a new walk in shower and a few other alterations. So you will now not have to step up into the shower any more!! While up there last night stripping beds I took a picture of the sunset with no filters added, as it was! We have had some amazing weather this september.
New Boat House on Ederline Hill LochsNew Boat House on Ederline Hill Lochs
Added: 16 Jul 2014
We are in the process of building a new boat house on Sandy Loch on Ederline Estate. This will have a little room to the back with a log burner and barbecue. An ideal location for holiday cottage guests to meet up for lunch when hill loch fishing for the wild brown trout.

We hope to have it completed by the beginning of August 2104.
Fishing flies and tackle can be bought locally at Fyne Tackle in Lochgilphead.
Website: http://www.fyne-tackle.com
Medieval Parich ChurchMedieval Parich Church
Added: 28 May 2014
The remains of a medieval parish church on Ederline Estate, north of Kilmartin Glen, dedicated to St Columba, with an oratory close by stand in the churchyard which was still in use as a burial ground at the end of the 19th century.
Of fine workmanship, the church is longer than is usual in the area, with two doors on the south side. There is a damaged table-tomb north of the altar site and a piscina with a trefoil arch. A font, now erected at the west end, was found in three parts nearby. Inside, to the east of the nave door, is a sandstone block bearing a now almost invisible five-toed print with nails on three of the toes and which is referred to as ’the Devil’s hand’.
The church is said to have succeeded Killevin (NR 986 972) as the principal church of the Lordship of Glassary until, in the mid-16th century, the centre of the parish was moved to Kilmichael Glassary (NR 859 935). There is a tradition that the stones for the church were brought from Killevin and that no dressing was required, which suggests that the stones of Killevin church were re-used.
The name ’Kilneuair’ which is applied to the site (Kilnewir, 1394; Killenevir, 1490; Killenure, 1671) suggests an earlier church, and an older, roughly circular enclosure can be traced inside the churchyard wall, especially on the west and north.
Campbell and Sandeman (1964) translates ’Kilneuair’ as ’Coille-nan-Iubhair’, ie ’Yew Wood’ and suggests that this may be the Columbian site ’Cella Diuni’ mentioned by Adomnan, which was certainly in the Loch Awe area and has not hitherto been identified.
There are many carved stones in the churchyard, but no very early ones are obvious, although, near the gate, a millstone sunk in the grass may have served as a cross base.
A village once lay round the church and a market, called ’A’ Margadh Dubh’ - ’the Black Market’ - perhaps in contrast to the gaiety of Kilmichael Tryst, was held here. There are a few house ruins outside the graveyard.
New Statistical Account (NSA) 1845; Orig Paroch Scot 1854; M Campbell and M Sandeman 1964.

The remains of the church and burial ground are as described. The church measures 21.1 by 5.7 metres internally within walls 0.8 metres thick and standing to a height of 4 metres. The oratory measures 3.3 by 2.2 metres internally within walls 0.5 metres thick and 2 metres high. There are two medieval carved grave-slabs in the burial ground. The footings of several buildings of indeterminate age survive to the west of the burial ground.
Website: http://www.kilmartin.org
A new addition!!A new addition!!
Added: 04 May 2014
Mosi has been with us for four days now. She came from Katie Cropper at Shap in Cumbria. Both good working parents so I have no excuses! We will now have three in the team of Border Collies!

Training will start in 6 months time!!
The first Osprey has arrived at EderlineThe first Osprey has arrived at Ederline
Added: 16 Apr 2014
The first osprey has arrived from Africa to Ederline today!! They have nested on Loch Ederline now for about 8 years with a good success rate. They have raised on average two young a year who have fledged and migrated back to Africa in the early autumn.
We are waiting for his mate to join him in the next few days. He will be busy nest repairing after all the winter storms. A wonderful site to see him back!
Website: http://www.
Fishing at Ederline.Fishing at Ederline.
Added: 26 Mar 2014
Ederline Estate is a fishermans paradise! We have 22 hill lochs with wild brown trout and three lower land lochs with pike, roach, perch and char.

We have rowing boats on some of the lochs and electric out boards can be used. We also have sit on top Kayaks. There is also a fishing shop in Lochgilphead which has everything you would need.

On Loch Ederline we have a pair of nesting Ospreys which arrive from Africa in the spring. There is an abundance of other wildlife which have been spotted regularly whilst guests fish. A wonderful place to unwind and fish in peace and tranquility.
Website: http://www.fyne-tackle.com
Feeding the girls!!Feeding the girls!!
Added: 23 Mar 2014
We sent our 90 cows away for the winter to Cambeltown at the bottom of the Mull of Kintyre.
They can make silage down there as the fields are flat. So it is easier for the cows to go to the food rather than the food come to the cows!
They arrived back last week and will all start calving any time!! Lots of early mornings and late nights.
Argyll’s Knapdale BeaversArgyll’s Knapdale Beavers
Added: 09 Mar 2014
Walked round Knapdale forest yesterday and came across some evidence of an ambitious beaver!!
They are only a 15 minute drive away from the cottages.

The Scottish Beaver Trial is a unique and exciting conservation project here in Argyll. Wild beavers have been reintroduced back into Scotland after being extinct in Scotland for over 400 years. It is the first official project of its kind in Britain and a groundbreaking five year study to explore how beavers can enhance and restore natural environments.

The beavers were released into Knapdale Forest in the Heart of Argyll in 2009. They have since been busy settling into their new home; from building lodges to bringing up newborn family members. several beaver families have now been reintroduced and visitors are welcome to explore this stunning woodland and spot the signs of beaver activity.

When you visit Ederline Estate here in Argyll this is just one of the many wildlife experiences just minutes from our self catering cottages.
Website: www.scottishbeavers.org.uk
Dogs are welcome at Ederline, in Argyll!Dogs are welcome at Ederline, in Argyll!
Added: 06 Feb 2014
Taken yesterday 4th February on our green walls covered in moss. Lichen also grows in abundance on all the trees as the air is so clean and unpolluted.
Roe deer in the new plantation.Roe deer in the new plantation.
Added: 30 Jan 2014
We have a good population of Roe deer at Ederline, Argyll. They are very shy and are difficult to see, especially in the summer in the long grass. These three were caught on camera yesterday, easier to spot in january!
Website: http://www.scottishbeavers.org.uk
Ederline HydroEderline Hydro
Added: 22 Jan 2014
After four years of planning and two years construction the hydro is finally generating!!
NewBull - Massey!NewBull - Massey!
Added: 10 Jan 2014
Massey is one of three bulls on Ederline. He is a Charolais and has fitted in well with the other boys!! He will meet the girls when they come back from wintering in March!
Twin Roe deer kids.Twin Roe deer kids.
Added: 04 Dec 2013
This picture was given to us by a friend who caught the cutest pair on his iphone camera when walking through the woods this spring.
New activities for 2013New activities for 2013
Added: 25 Nov 2013
We have added two new kayaks to our fleet of boats so you can enjoy exploring Loch Awe and its wildlife.
New Website LaunchedNew Website Launched
Added: 24 Nov 2013
Ederline have a new and improved website where we will have more information and a better representation of Ederline Estate.
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